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OGERS offers a complete pre-engineered solution and technical support from conception through to completion, offering a flexible and practical approach for our clients. The modular prefabrication concept employed by MMS can be applied to significant building projects including hospitals, Data Centres, schools, colleges, hotels, office developments and residential buildings.

save time and money

Prefabrication is the assembly of building units or components at a workshop or factory separate from the jobsite. During preconstruction, Messer’s experts will analyze the project scope and the supplier subcontractor marketplace to determine prefabrication.



Faster Completion

Assembly of components or modules can begin off site, without waiting for the site to become ready or for approvals to be granted.

Easy Installation

With less manpower required, prefabricated MEP modules and components can be installed easily, neatly and more efficiently.

Greater Quality

Engineers can conduct inspection after delivery to the site and before installation. Supporting rods on modules for installation can be marked.

Cost Savings

Though there may be an initial expense for coordination or for buying of the appropriate lifting equipment, since the quantity of work.