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Safety management is commonly understood as applying a set of principles, framework, processes and measures to prevent accidents, injuries and other adverse consequences that may be caused by using a service or a product.
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OGERS Safety Management equipment empowers safety professionals to minimize risk, manage compliance and create a safer workplace.
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Safety management is an organisational function, which ensures that all safety risks have been identified, assessed and satisfactorily mitigated.

The objective of safety management in the aviation industry is to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damage to the environment and to property.
The primary focus of safety management in aviation is on safety of flights encompassing also all associated and support services, which can have an impact on safety, for example air navigation services, aerodrome operations management, etc.
The proactive approach in the safety management is based on following a risk management strategy that includes identifying hazards before they materialise into incidents or accidents and taking the necessary actions to reduce the safety risks.