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Free Consultation all over Pakistan

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The Repair Station is a deployable Tech Structure that can be built at a Forward Operating Base. Repair Stations can also be found at every main base with an unlimited amount of supply. When a vehicle parks near a Repair Station it will begin to repair its health at the cost of construction points and resupply its ammo at the expense of ammo points. Vehicles can be partially repaired with the Repair toolbox but will need to park near a Repair Station in order to be fully repaired and rearmed. Repair stations have a audible generator sound that plays on loop when close enough.

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OGERS Building Services is dedicated to managing all of your property service needs. We offer general repair work, electrical, drywall repair, water damage restoration, plumbing, carpentry, painting, masonry and much more.

We provide all kinds of repair and maintenance services for masonry including removing old plaster, putting new plaster, repairing foundation, fixing water leakage to the basement and so on.
Now only that we provide maintenance and repair OGERS staff but we have experienced staff in constructing new buildings and additions to the existing structure too. We have well experienced and skilled professional masons who know how to get a job done in the best possible way.
This is more of a commercial kind of service that we provide for offices, buildings and companies but as a residential customer, you can also contact us and we will provide you with the best renovation services.