Free Consultation all over Pakistan

Free Consultation all over Pakistan

Fabric Station

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OGERS can offer Mask Machines, Buttons and Accessories Attaching Machines, Pillow Filling Machines, Toy & Jacket Filling Machines, Health Masks Producing Machines, Non-woven Fabric Manufacturing Machines, Fiber Ball Opener Machine, Linking Machines for Knitwear, Labeling Machines, Performance Measuring Systems, Steam Generators, Pillow and Toy Filling Machinery Systems, Sewing Machines, Pressing and Ironnign Machines.


OGER producing fabric station with top quality parts. Our machine is produced in Turkey, In our Izmir and Istanbul Factories. We are offering ATR, EUR1, Certificate Of Origin and CE Certificate. We produce Automatic fabric Machine with Automatic Packing Feature, Kids fabric Producing with Special Parts, Able to Produce Printed and Specially laminated Meltblown and Spunbond Non-woven fabrics.

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